Clothing & Shoes

Learn more about our clothing program to help those in need.

Education Aid

In addition we provide education aid to help the youth to complete their studies.

Coree Care Centre

Learn about our vision for the Coree Care Center to provide a shelter for homeless children and orphans.

Latest News

  • Education in Tanabori

    Education has always been a vital key to development and according to the United Nations(UN) priorities, all children are entitled to equal education but this unfortunately does not apply to children of Tandabori, a small community in the upper west region of Ghana.

  • Our Trip To Tuya, Ghana

    The team of Coree World Aid went to one of the poorest places in the northern region of Ghana to distribute items such as clothes and sandals. You can watch ...

  • Felicia is doing great

    Some of you may remember Felicia Abena, an 11 year old girl when she was found by the team of Coree World Aid.

  • Joke Mensah

    Joke Mensah is a girl of seven years old and was found withering at the market in an area known as Teschie in Accra,Ghana on April 29th.

  • Francis Surgery Successful!

    On friday 28th June, Francis Atta Baafi went through a surgery. A week later the surgery is proven to be successful. Francis has started eating and the doctors report that he is healthy and is allowed to have any meal from now on.


Coree World Aid is providing humanitarian assistance to those that are in need throughout the world, especially the care for needy children, support for education, shelter and providing or financing medical care to the needy.